Whether you require a New York handyman, handyman in Brooklyn, handyman in Bronx, handyman in Queens, perhaps a handyman in Manhattan or simply find a handyman near you – our expert team will be able to hop on their scooters and be at your door in no time. We take on a vast array of different jobs you might require, from fixing toilet seats to putting up bespoke bookshelves or install wall tiles in your bathroom. Don’t worry if your request is too unusual, give us a call anyway – we might be able to surprise you.

Have you been renovating your room or your entire home and require a handyman in New York to hang blackout curtains or hang a large mirror? Our Squad offers a variety of services to complete your home makeover, including draught proofing homes to be prepared for the wintery months, assembling bedroom furniture, from assembling beds to assembling wardrobes or chests of drawers, as well as lifting and shifting furniture between offices and or homes.

Our handymen can also give a second pair of hands putting together your new office space. We can replace broken ceiling tiles, box in pipes, assemble office furniture, amongst many other jobs you might require. Besides providing handyman services in New York, the NYCSET also offers plumbing services, electrician services, locksmith services, and much more.

In case you require a local handyman to do any of the services mentioned above, or you simply need a handy man to cut up an onion for you (yes, we’ve done that and other strange requests) – give our friendly team a call on 4844608112 or simply use our online booking form to request a free quote today.